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India & Europe

Remarks by Prime Minister Modi of India in Joint Press Statement with President Trump

I am very clear about the fact that India’s interests lie in a strong, and prosperous, and successful America.  In the same way, India’s development and its growing role at the international level are in the USA’s interest.

One of our common priorities will be the development of trade, commerce, and investment links.  And in this regard, in the technology, innovation, and knowledge-economy sectors, the expansion and deepening of cooperation is also among our priorities.  Towards this end, we shall take steps to further strengthen our successful digital partnership. Full Remarks

Commissioner Moedas: “Research & Innovation – Shaping Our Future”

As policy makers, we must also step outside of our comfort zones. For example, I very much welcome the fact that the Lamy group included education in their report and proposed some new ideas. Such as including more training activities in collaborative research projects. Or introducing incentives for university reforms. And capitalising on the education and training activities of the EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities.

I also fully agree with the need to break down the silos between the Framework Programme and Structural Funds. This is very important to really integrate the EU13 Member States in the global knowledge economy.  Rest

 Cristina Garmendia, Chair, Fundación Codec and member of the HLG #Innov4Impact – speaking about the first recommendation of the HLG report on maximising the impact of future EU R&I programmes.

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