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Message from the OECD Secretary-General

The challenges faced by 21st-century economies and societies are daunting: addressing the human and social consequences of an international financial crisis, meeting development goals, encouraging green growth, and responding to climate change, ageing societies and the knowledge economy. Education is a critical part of any response. Knowledge increases both wealth and well-being: university graduates in most countries earn more. Our research shows that people who complete upper secondary education are much more likely to report good health than those who do not. Yet education systems need to do a much better job in providing equitable education opportunities – starting in early childhood, and continuing throughout life. They need to equip people with knowledge, skills and tools to stay competitive and engaged. Education is an investment in the future. Our work on education aims to make that investment strong, effective and fair. (from the OECD work on Education & Skills brochure)

Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General

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