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2012-03-27  Minister of Economy and Planning Mohammed Al-Jasser has emphasized that the Kingdom’s huge spending on education and training is part of boosting its strategy to move into a knowledge-based economy. “The Kingdom is exerting continuous efforts aimed at realizing a knowledge-based economy as it sees this as the best strategy toward achieving sustained development based on technology and innovation,” he said. The minister made the remarks during his meeting with a South Korean technical delegation at his office here on Monday. The delegation has been in the Kingdom to present their advice and offer expertise with regard to the preparation of the Kingdom’s strategy to transfer to a knowledge-based economy and society.  Rest

2012-03-14  The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Abu Dhabi is developing an Abu Dhabi Innovation Index. The index, which is being developed in collaboration with INSEAD International Business School, will monitor and follow up the progress being made by the emirate towards becoming a knowledge-based economy by 2030. It will also identify the potential gaps in the process of economic transformation, said Mohammed Omar Abdullah, undersecretary of the DED, at a knowledge management conference in the Capital.  Also, the department is currently working on developing a joint work programme in cooperation with its associated partners through a series of interactive workshops in order to shed light on the objectives of the knowledge-based economy pivots; and then determine the nature of the respective roles of each party and how to achieve the maximum possible use of their contributions, he said. Abu Dhabi adopted a vision aimed to bring about a turnaround in the structure of the emirate’s economy, directed towards a more knowledge-based economy.  Rest

2012-03-21  India will modernise and digitally link nearly 9,000 libraries across the country in a bid to provide readers access to books and information, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said. … Noting that the Mission cannot succeed through government efforts alone, Singh said resources available in the community, private sector and non-governmental organisations will have to be roped in to meet these objectives. … The Prime Minister noted that for decades development economists would say that India’s population was its curse. Today, as many developed economies grapple with the challenge of ageing, the world has come to recognise that India with its youthful population and skilled manpower has the capability to bridge the human resources gap in the global knowledge economy, he said. … “If we can achieve what we have set out to do, then we can create a huge asset pool in this new knowledge based world,” he said adding that India could fuel the engines of growth of the global knowledge economy. Full article


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