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The Brexit column: Smart trade

The UK should promote its knowledge economy in signing free trade deals after Brexit, says Shenoa Simpson, a KPMG trade expert.

… The UK has a completely blank canvas, but what will it paint upon it? For me, the direction of travel is clear. The UK’s competitive advantage now lies in the knowledge economy. Areas like  media and the creative arts; research and innovation in industries from pharma to aerospace; the shape-shifting innovation of our financial services and the fintech sector. In carving out trade policy to govern these less tangible – but extremely precious – resources, the UK could become something of a pioneer.  Rest

[Editorial comment – Brexit inevitably is driving a wedge between the UK and Europe, but a stronger “Knowledge Economy” partnership between the UK and Europe can help counteract this effect. KnowledgeEconomy.UK, KnowledgeEconomy.EU, KnowledgeEconomy.FR, KnowledgeEconomy.DE, KnowledgeEconomy.NL, KnowledgeEconomy.ES, KnowledgeEconomy.IT, etc can be used to strengthen the partnership! Contact us at Info@ (this domain) for more information about the companies, universities, government ministries, etc that we are looking to be leaders in the development and use of these KnowledgeEconomy domains]

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