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Liverpool, Dubai, and Michigan

The University & City of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool is helping the City compete on the global business stage – exactly as it should be in the Knowledge Economy!

Experts hail Dubai law on student part-time work visa

Dubai’s new part-time student work regulation has strengthened the emirate’s reputation as a leading international education hub, experts said.

The regulation is a significant milestone that aligns with the UAE’s Vision 2021, which has articulated the setting up of a competitive knowledge economy. The Student Part-time Work Regulation will ensure a volume of qualified and work-ready young professionals by allowing creative talent to gain critical industry experience to complement their fields of study and increase their employment prospects post-graduation, they felt.  Rest

Michigan risks falling further behind if it doesn’t get serious about change

Predictably, Michigan Future wants lawmakers to improve educational outcomes; to demand accountability up and down what it calls the educational chain; to create places for mobile talent to live and work; and to share prosperity with folks outside the high-wage knowledge economy.

Right. In this political environment? Lansing’s more likely to head the other way, like it is with the move to water down state curriculum standards because they’re too hard. Seriously? Places in the knowledge economy will require young people to be more educated, not less, to compete with their mind, not their back.  Rest

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