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World’s 50 most innovative economies – S.A. fails to make cut

In addition, South Africa is part of a global, knowledge-based economy. As such, we need to focus on the development of local, knowledge based capital in the form of new ideas and new intellectual property being developed.

Only when an entrepreneur is able to fully exploit his new innovative ideas and product developments, by way of securing exclusive rights to the intellectual property in those ideas and developments can he derive maximum benefit from those ideas – for the betterment of his own circumstances and those of the country as a whole.

South Africa has everything needed to be a global player in today’s knowledge economy – passionate people, some truly creative ideas and the willpower needed to make it happen. But we need the talented, forward-thinking citizens of this country to step forward and claim what is rightfully theirs. Step up, protect your IP, the future is yours for the taking! Rest

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